Main text: Matthew 8:3 – And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

Matthew 17:7 – And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid.

The number song on many Christian’s lips these days is “He touched me”. This is a beautiful song and really expresses the truth that God has made us whole people through Jesus Christ. A touch from Him can either transform your life or heal you from any disease. It is different from an ordinary touch of a friend, spouse or colleagues.

Jesus doesn’t treat us all the same way. He has the power to heal instantly or in stages. He heals one with a touch, another with a word, another with a glance and yet another at a great distance. He touches one and never sees the other and yet both are healed.

Following the main scripture; He touched a leper. That would have shocked his audience because leprosy was considered incurable. No one understood its origin, and no one knew how to treat it. There are remedies for various diseases but nothing is listed for leprosy. The leper’s faith though filled with doubt, seems remarkable.

No doubt he has heard other miracles performed by Christ. He believed that if only he can see Jesus, he will be healed by His touch. Jesus rewards his hesitant faith with something unexpected. He touched the leper and he received his healing. Let no one say’ Jesus would never have anything to do with someone like me’. Your case may be worse than the leper but Jesus will reach out to you if you call out to Him. He came for sinners; when one experiences a touch from Jesus, will never remain the same.

Have you being set free? Have you trusted Christ to cleanse you and rid you of the awful stench of sin? He is still ready to reach out and touch those who will trust Him. I know, for He touched me and made me whole.

Mark told this song from the life of Christ to reveal the Lordship of Christ over evil and disease. But he also said it to show how loving and kind the Lord Jesus was towards the outcasts of society. Remember everyone has sinned and come short of the glory of God, so all of us were outcasts at one time, till we received THE TOUCH of the Master’s hand. Will you come to Him today? Bow your heart to Him now, He will touch you and make you whole


Prayer point: Lord I need to feel your healing touch today. Come and heal me from the inside out because no one can help me but you. Amen.

BY BISHOP NGOZI DURUEKE (HE REIGNS CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL) To send your testimony, write us: mylivingwaterdevotional@gmail.com.